Core Music Tutoring

Core music tutoring services at Berklee provide students with one-on-one and group assistance in order to help them reach their potential. These services are offered to all students currently enrolled in Berklee’s core music courses including Fundamentals of Ear Training, Music Fundamentals, Music Application and Theory, Harmony 2–4, Ear Training 1–4, Solfege 1–2, Arranging 1-2, Tonal Harmony and Composition 1–2, Art of Counterpoint, and Conducting 1. These extra help sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis in well-equipped private study rooms at the Learning Center or the Piano Practice Rooms in 150 Massachusetts Avenue. Students are able to sign up starting the first day of classes each semester.

Our tutors are all Berklee undergraduate students in their upper semesters who have displayed great proficiency in our core music curriculum. They are also certified by the College Reading and Learning Association through trainings offered in our program.

Drop-in Tutoring Sessions

These are non-recurring 30-min sessions which students can sign up for up to a day in advance. Students can sign up for up to 3 Drop-In sessions in a week, but can only sign up for one at any given time. Once their attendance has been marked by the tutor, they are able to sign up for future sessions.
Students are able to cancel a Drop-In session registration up to 2 hours before the start of the session. An absence will block students from being able to sign up for more sessions during that week, but they will be able to sign up again the following week.