Digital Performer Run Down presented by Dave Roberts

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

MOTU product specialist Dave Roberts gave us all the rundown on Digital Performer this past Tuesday, as he delved into many different facets of the program. Beginning with basic interface elements, such as the consolidated window then moving onto customization of parameters through the preferences and key commands windows he showed how to make DP look and feel right to the individual user. Dave also did some real time virtual instrument creation, routing, programming, editing and quantization with the Model 12 and Bassline, two instruments bundled with DP. Too this was also added an audio loop and a guitar part routed through DP's guitar amp and speaker modeling devices, the Custom '59 and Live Room respectively. With these basic workflows covered he dived into a tour of the other more advanced features; pitch correction, mastering, chunks and finally film scoring features. Many thanks and we will have Dave back in the fall for a more detailed look at DP's film scoring features to tie in with the Learning Center's film scoring contest.

Digital Performer Run Down  - Audience
Digital Performer Run Down  - Audience & Dave Roberts MOTU specialist playing guitar
Digital Performer Run Down  - Audience
Dave Roberts, MOTU product specialist