Past Events

Guerrilla Production Techniques: Recording June 2nd, 2011

Beginning our two part Guerilla Production Series, we recorded Bruno Mars tune "The Lazy Song". Our band consisted of Berklee students Marcus Bagala (ukelele, guitar), Noshi Curry (vocals), Boram Han (keyboard), Fabio Rojas (drums), and Andreas Russo (bass). Covering microphone types, audio interfaces, setup, recording decisions, and software applications, Learning Center trainers Blair Pershyn, Sohta Tsuchiya, and Chris Fitzgerald provided an in-depth look into small ensemble recording from start to finish.

Song Production with Today's Music Software May 26th, 2011

Chris Fitzgerald, Blair Pershyn, and Sohta Tsuchiya demonstrated a number of music software applications, plug-ins, and techniques for song production using an original tune. The topics included audio editing and manipulation, synthesizer and sampler instruments, plug-in effects, audio recording and mixing tools. Software they used included Logic, Reason, Ableton Live, Kontakt, Massive, Absynth, Guitar Rig and more. Classes and other forum events are available for training in these topics.