Upcoming Events

In part 1 of our two-part Guerrilla Production Techniques series, you’ll get a crash course in do-it-yourself recording techniques using inexpensive gear. During the presentation, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of recording a live ensemble consisting of drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. Topics will include:   Gear Overview – Microphones, audio interfaces, accessories Techniques – Miking vs. direct input, multi-tracking, stereo recording How-To – Step-by-step setup, recording with your laptop
Thor is Reason's flagship synthesizer, inspired by the world of modular synthesizers, but with a contemporary twist. This workshop will show you how to create screaming leads, fat basses and complex pads using the Thor's synthesis building blocks and powerful modulation matrix.
Following up on our recording event from the week prior, we will examine the craft of mixing, looking at the tools and techniques you can use to make professional sounding mixes using the modern DAW. Critical Listening EQ Compression, Limiting, Reverb, Delay Volume, Panning, Blending Monitors, Headphones, Listening Environment Automation Introduction to Mastering
Samplers are powerful sound manipulation devices. With them we can craft both stunningly realistic reproductions of acoustic instruments as well as never before heard sounds. This ability makes samplers an essential tool for the producer looking to create their own unique sonic identity. This workshop will look at Kontakt from Native Instruments. Part of the Komplete bundle, Kontakt is the industry standard software sampler, easily accessible to new users, but also with a deep feature set that rewards those who master it.
Although Ableton Live has for many become a first choice studio production environment, the original intent of the program was to enable musicians to bring computers on stage for performance. Live continues to excel in this role and empowers musicians, DJ’s and producers alike to leverage the power of their computers in performing their music. In this session, we’ll touch on features of Live useful in performance including: Clip oriented techniques Launch modes Follow actions Dummy clips Essential effects Series, parallel and master effects Audio effect racks and macros Use of the crossfader Incorporating MIDI controllers Keyboard controllers, pad controllers, iPad controllers Mapping controls Using multiple controllers Basics of MIDI sync