Upcoming Events

presented by Associate Professor of Songwriting and Ableton Product Specialist Erin Barra   Join performer and music technologist Erin Barra for an exclusive and free workshop. Erin will explore writing, programming and production techniques using Ableton Push and Live 9, creating a song live on stage while replicating her workflow in the studio. The workshop will be complimented with a short performance, demonstrating Erin’s unique use of technology. Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn from this inspiring artist and educator.   

WMG's campus recruiter will be at Berklee to share information about the educational, hands-on WMG Internship Program for all of their departments and labels.

A panel discussion featuring Alison Plante, Chair of Film Scoring; Bonnie Hayes, Chair of Songwriting; Chrissy Tignor Fisher, Assistant Professor of Contemporary Writing and Production; Leanne Ungar, Professor of Music Production & Engineering and Lori Landay, Professor of Liberal Arts.

The Seaboard, ROLI's award-winning musical instrument, revolutionized the piano keyboard by replacing white and black keys with a continuous, touch-responsive surface that combines the expressive capabilities of many instruments in one interface. 

In preparing to turn your music into money, there needs to be a well defined process for submitting music for Licensing, Advertising, Film and Record Release. 

An artist’s website is an essential tool for promotion, serving as both portfolio and business card.