General Regulations

Upon checking in to a station at the Learning Center or Media Lab you agree to comply with the following regulations:

  • Only currently enrolled students, alum, staff, and faculty with a valid ID are accepted.

  • A Current Berklee or ProArts ID (Boston Conservatory, Emerson, Museum of Fine Arts.....) is required to use the Learning Center.

  • No other forms of ID will be accepted.

  • First time users must complete the Learning Center registration at the front desk.

  • Berklee Alumni need a current Alumni Pass to use the Learning Center. These passes are available at the Alumni Affairs Office(161 Massachusetts Ave. 3rd Floor).

  • Photo, name, and barcode on ID must be readable.

  • When there is a waiting list, Alumni/Staff/Faculty will be asked to give up their workstation.

  • During midterm/finals week no alum, staff, or faculty IDs will be accepted.

  • When there is a waitlist students will be called as soon as a computer becomes available. Those waiting who do not respond to the first call will be moved to the back of the line. If you do not respond after three calls of your name, you will be considered off the list.

  • There is a three hour time limit for workstations when there is a waiting list.

  • When there is a waitlist, please only use the workstations for academic related activites.

  • If you are absent from your station for more than fifteen minutes your belongings will be removed and the station given to another student.

  • No food or drinks will be allowed at the workstations. You must leave your drink in the tray next to the check-in counter.

  • Cell phone use (including talking and checking voicemail) is prohibited. Turn cell phones off or do not bring them to the Learning Center.

  • Altering the lab station set up (cabling, signal routing, etc) is prohibited.

  • The Learning Center workstations may not be used to view pornographic or offensive materials.

  • Users are not permitted to download/install any application without a Learning Center staff member's permission.

  • Downloading torrent files is prohibited. Downloading commercially sold files (software, music, video, etc) is not only against Learning Center/Berklee policy but also Federal law.

  • If you need to attach another piece of hardware to a lab station or other facility here, please ask a LC staff member.

  • Use of acoustic or semi-acoustic instruments is not allowed in the LC, if you need to record at a workstation please use an electric instrument and be considerate of those working around you.

  • Please be courteous of those working next to you. Do not sing, hum, or tap along with your music.

  • Printing

    • Printing out documents, manuals, workbooks, etc. that require a large quantity of paper is prohibited.

    • Documents printed violating these regulations will be kept at the staff office for further evaluation.

  • The Learning Center is not responsible for items brought with you to the Learning Center. Please be aware of your personal items.

  • The Learning Center is not responsible for items saved on the hard drives or the LC server. These files could be erased at any time.

  • The Learning Center does not provide tech support over the phone or by e-mail. Questions involving home setup should be directed to the appropriate tech support for those related companies.

  • The Learning Center Student Server can be used by any student for the purposes of temporarily storing data to be retrieved at any other station. This storage is not permanent. Beware, the files from the server will be deleted daily and could be accessed by anyone.

  • The Learning Center staff is always available to help. Please feel free to talk to the supervisors about any suggestions or problems you might have. Lab Monitors are available for short questions. If the questions are longer and deal with learning the programs, Peer Training sessions are available.

  • The Learning Center is not responsible for personal email, bank, or other accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please make sure to log out of these accounts before leaving the station as any changes made by unauthorized parties cannot be monitored.

  • Scheduled classes take priority over individual computer use. During classes students will be moved to available stations or put on the waiting list for the next available station.

  • Please refer to the complete Berklee College of Music User Policy and the Berklee College of Music Student Conduct Policy
  • No sleeping is allowed anywhere within the Learning Center facility.

Violating the Learning Center regulations will be punishable by a loss of privileges in the use of the Learning Center and the Media Lab for a semester.

Core Music Tutoring Regulations

  • Tutoring is only available to currently enrolled students.

  • A student can have only one tutoring session per week.

  • More than one session may be available to students with learning disabilities.

  • Only one excused or unexcused absence is allowed during the semester.


Peer Training Regulations

  • Peer Training sessions are not recurring. Once you have the session, you will need to sign up again if you want more training.

  • If you sign up for a peer trainer and you can't make the session, please make sure you cancel it via the link sent to you in the confirmation e-mail.

  • If you miss more than 2 sessions without notification, you will not be allowed to sign up for more peer training sessions without having your suspension cleared by the Learning Center lab manager after discussing about the matter.

  • A student can have only one peer training session per week.


Training Session Regulations

  • If you sign up for a session and need to cancel for some reason, please cancel via the link sent to you in the confirmation e-mail.

  • If you have signed up for a session and do not attend without notification, you will need to contact the LC office in order to sign up for another session.

  • If the training sessions do not occur during a time that is suitable for your schedule, you may discuss this with a Learning Center staff person and try to make other arrangements.