Training Finder

11:00am Available Intro to Pro Tools Production, Protools, Sequencing
Saturday, May 27th 2017
12:30pm Available Intro to Reason Production, Reason, Sequencing
2:00pm Available Intro to Digital Performer Digital Performer, Recording, Sequencing
Tuesday, May 30th 2017
1:00pm Available Finale: Lead Sheets Finale, Notation
Wednesday, May 31st 2017
1:00pm Available Pro Tools: Audio Recording & Editing Audio Editing, Production, Protools, Recording
Thursday, June 1st 2017
1:00pm Available Reason: Subtractive Synthesis Reason, Sound Design, Synthesis
Monday, June 5th 2017
1:00pm Available Ableton Live: Virtual Instruments & MIDI Ableton Live, Production, Sequencing
Wednesday, June 7th 2017
1:00pm Available Pro Tools: Mixing Protools, Sound Design