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Monday, September 25th 2017
1:00pm Available Finale: Scores Finale, Notation
1:00pm Available Sibelius: Scores Notation, Sibelius
Wednesday, September 27th 2017
1:00pm Available Drum Programming with NI: Battery Komplete, Production, Sequencing
1:00pm Available Pro Tools: Virtual Instruments & MIDI Production, Protools, Sequencing
Friday, September 29th 2017
1:00pm Available Logic: Mixing Logic, Mixing
1:00pm Available Reason: Drum Programming Production, Reason, Sequencing
Monday, October 2nd 2017
1:00pm Available Frequency Modulation Synthesis with FM8 Komplete, Production, Synthesis
1:00pm Available Pro Tools: Audio Recording Audio Editing, Production, Protools, Recording